Why should I care?

A list of skills and accomplishments; in short, a resume

But really though, that is an excellent question
  1. Work Experience
    1. Soccer Referee for Meridian PAL
      • Show up 30 minutes early to every game
      • Ensure safety and fair play
      • Make difficult decisions
      • Act with authority around coaches and spectators much older than me
      • Fall 2013-Spring 2015
    2. Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
      • Preached the gospel in the Philippines
      • Learned the local language, Tagalog (Filipino)
      • Interacted with individuals of all age groups and walks of life
      • Many opportunities to teach and serve
      • July 2019-March 2020
    3. Boise State Audio-Visual Team
      • COVID upgrades to classrooms at Boise State University
      • Installed microphones, cameras, and necessary equipment for online teaching
      • Learned to work with cables and other electronic equipment
      • Summer 2020
  2. Education
    1. Graduated from Mountain View High School, West Ada School District
      • Maintained 4.0 unweighted cumulative GPA
      • Ten Concurrent Credit/Advances Placement classes
        • HS Math III, Honors History, College Speech, Pre-Calculus, Biology, German (two years), AP US History, AP English, and AP statistics
      • Member of NHS
      • Four years in German as a foreign language
      • Boise State Capitol Scholar
    2. College experience at Brigham Young University
      • Completed 2 semesters
      • Currently planning on majoring in accounting
    3. Foreign Languages
      1. Tagalog
        • Learned in Philippines
        • 6 weeks classroom, 7 months working with native speakers
        • Intermediate skills
      2. German
        • Learned in high school and college
        • 5 total years, completed through German 202
        • Intermediate skills
  3. Service and Extra-Curricular Activities
    1. Boy Scouts of America
      • Leadership positions: Served in leadership positions such as senior patrol leader and varsity team captain in boy scouts, earning various awards
      • Accomplishments:
        • Eagle-Scout Service Project
          • Sewed over 100 stuffed animal dinosaurs for Meridian PD
          • To be used to comfort children in distressing situations
        • Continued past Eagle Scout Award earning additional palm recognitions.
        • Earned the Varsity Scouts’ highest award, the Denali
    2. Mountain View High School Bands
      • Marching Band: Lettered four years in a row and was section leader for two years
      • Varsity Jazz Band: Participated two years
      • Pep Band: Was able to participate in good standing for four years in a row
      • Symphonic Band: was a section leader for 2 years
    3. Mountain View High School Writing Center
      • During lunch throughout the school year
      • I assisted students on an individual basis with proofreading and editing
      • 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years
    4. BYU Bands
      • Marching Band: Participated in the 2020 season
      • ROC Band: Pep band for 2021 women's basketball team
      • University Band: Participated in the 2021 season
    5. Church
      • Leadership: Served as a class president in church youth and young adult groups at various times since I was 13
      • Planning: I assisted in the planning of a summer camp for 60+ young men
      • Public Speaking: Had the opportunity of speaking to large groups often consisting of adults
      • Performance: Performed musical numbers in large and small ensembles in front of my congregation